Managing restaurants
with the power of data


A zillion features list comes down to two things

Successfully Transforming a Restaurant
Means You Never Lose Sight of People and of Food.

Narrow artificial intelligence

Some things like food costing, inventory or kitchen management always run silently in the background so you don’t have to run in panic in the storefront.

Face/object recognition

Advanced face and object recognition algorithms provide you with their own set of Rambience features or are embedded in our smart table or other management functions.

Speech Recognition

An excellent training SR assistant to our waiting staff and other stakeholders with great accuracy and background noise cancelling performance.

Freemium pricing model

We know running a restaurant is complex as it is; free-to-use SaaS and web deployment version allows for fast uptake, charging you only for features you need.

Analytics to the last ingredient

Every restaurant running on Rambience can deliver fantastic analytics and dashboard visualizations that can bring some useful science in the mystery of a successful operation.

Internet-of-things ready

Waste management, smart food labelling & food traceability will boost your decision-making, customer acquisition and management options.

How will restaurants work three years from now?

We thought hard how people who manage and work in restaurants will work; the processes they’ll follow. And we designed a highly intelligent system to support them. And make their restaurant their true home. See our list of questions (more to come soon):

A system as advanced as ours needs to be 100% certain of security, performance and legal concerns; however, most of the hard groundwork has been laid out and we will demo our core product to our investors early next year.

We consider our easy deployment and fast localization options one of our key advantages; upgrading however to features that may require different connectivity protocols or infringe upon national or European Union privacy laws may not be possible.

A lot. A restaurant is a data-churning organization. Object recognition will provide food insights which when coupled with customer data can be a trove of fantastically visualised information tools for orders to tables management and from predictive menus to decisions on staff.

Restaurants are a business with a high velocity and a high fail rate; we therefore understand that lots of the equipment is recycled around from establishment to establishment and make every effort to accommodate most of today’s best-selling commercial printers, cameras, POS devices and other tools.

Rambience and its pending US patent support ideas have been built not as a data-entry and processing system but as one user-journey interacting in real-time with another; for this reason, we do not design boxes, but human experiences. Using the latest technology acquired by years of research, certainly helps.

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